British Culture & Expressions

The ups and downs of learning a second language.

Sometimes in life, you have to go the extra mile if you want to succeed. At some point, working behind the scenes becomes mandatory and there is no chance for grey areas. (Check out my post: My 8 Most Common Grammar Mistakes). From my point of view, the hardest part of learning English as a second language is how to deal with your emotions, in particular with your ego. That big little voice that always wants more and better, that always sees you with good eyes and wishes you the best.

Learning a new language from the ground up is nothing but hard. You need to start from square one. Literally, from cup to mug to hug to plug. No matter if you are a grown-up, you will have to go through the same levels of ignorance, frustration and desperation as a little kid would have done. Now and again, it will hit you harder than it would do to any toddler without previous highlights in life. But you will have to resist, stand your ground, hold your breath and remind yourself why you are putting yourself through all that pain.

Nobody likes to feel stupid, right? If you are studying a second language by cultural immersion, you will!

Each year, over 500,000 people of all ages come to the UK to improve their English. UK’s English Language Teaching (ELT) sector generates around £1.2 billion in export earnings for the UK annually. Check out here: QUIC provides in-depth, quarterly analysis of the UK English language teaching (ELT) industry’s source market. The Global Digital English language learning market is meant to grow steadily at a CAGR above 23% by 2021. Why? Because the number of English language learners is increasing and the most support you have when learning a language the better. Learning a second language could take a lifetime and requires a lot of effort and commitment.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. – Mahatma Gandhi

Learning should not be something that you get bored of, it should be something that you embrace. The sooner you understand how much effort will require to learn another language, the better. This is not a course with an ending date or a project with a deadline. It is a lifetime journey! No certificates, no medals; just the joy of wider communication with fewer barriers.

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