With the aim of making less mistakes.

One of the latest corrections I have received is regarding the use of “with the aim of + ing” rather than “with the scope to”. To ensure I get familiar with the use of this noun I have gathered some real examples from online newspapers:

Watch out here! Aim as noun vs as a verb.

  • Mueller aims to hurt Trump [ ~ + to + verb ] ‘to intent’
  • Mueller’s aim is to hurt Trump [noun countable] ‘Intention; purpose’
  • Your seminar aim to empower women [ ~ + to + verb ] ‘to intent’
  • The aim of the movement is to educate and empower women [noun countable] ‘Intention; purpose’
  • Democrats question the aim of Senate tax cuts [noun countable] ‘Intention; purpose’
  • US takes aim at Iran’s missiles in last-ditch nuclear talks [ take + ~ (+ at+ object) ‘to point a weapon at’
  • Musk takes aim at analysts for pushing “Tesla short thesis” [ take + ~ (+ at+ object) ‘to point one’s efforts at’



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