Three cheers for the newlyweds!

Mark and Spencer’s, Cadbury, Boots as other many brands celebrate Meghan and Harry day in one or another way. Boots published yesterday on the Evening Standard an opportunistic advertisement with a hooray for Meghan and Harry and a reminder of their store location where to find lipstick for kisses, tissues for crying, umbrellas for raining, camera for memories, and so on. Cadbury has recreated a 50 kg replica of part of Windsor Castle built by using around 1,111 bars of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. The castle’s bricks have been individually hand-scored alongside a coat of arms and chocolate flowers. Last but not least, Mark and Spencer becomes Markle and Sparkle just for this weekend.


For just £29.99 you will be able to buy 12 unique royal wedding Windsor Knot beers brewed in Windsor by the Windsor & Eton brewery.

The only royal wedding beer using barley grown locally on the Royal Farms right here in Windsor. We use a special blend of British hops called Invicta in recognition of Prince Harry’s role in creating the Invictus Games, with some great American West Coast hops and champagne yeast as a finishing touch. Marrying these ingredients creates a new pale ale that is young, fresh and full of character.


Although some gestures are really nice, others are a bit creepy or scary. What we are completely sure is that Windsor Royal wedding fever has been spreading over the last weeks and it is breathable the party atmosphere.


Three cheers for the newlyweds!


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