The history behind the idiom

8 Idioms about communication

Yesterday, I met Lisa for a drink after work. The week before, I had asked her to keep me in the loop about Joe’s promotion. It was the perfect opportunity to catch up. Finally, after 35 minutes gossiping, she spilt the beans about Joe being fired. After saying that, she blushed showing up how ashamed she felt. For one moment, I thought our wires got crossed so I asked. By that point, Lisa did not bother and confirmed having a clear evidence in black and white. Joe and I did not find common ground last year when working together. In the end, I was moved to another department. I heard through the grapevine that he was going to be promoted to Chief Operation Officer at the end of the month. Full of curiosity, I decided to confirm the information from the horse mouth, the CEO’s Executive Assistance, Lisa. The fact that over the years I have helped her coming out of her shell at the end pay off. Although sorry for him, I feel relaxed about not having to work under him.

Idioms related to communication

  • Come out of your shell: become less shy and more confident.
  • Find common ground: two people or groups who generally disagree find a particular subject or opinion that they agree about.
  • From the horse mouth: you get information from the source involve in the situation.
  • Get your wires or lines crossed: you are mistaken about what someone else means.
  • In black and white: means that you have a written proof of it.
  • In the loop: they are part of the group of people who have information about a particular thing.
  • Spill the beans: you reveal the truth about something secret or private.
  • Hear something through the grapevine: you are told a piece of news informally by someone who was told it by someone else.




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