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Climate change: vital signs of our planet

According to experts climate  has been changing  throughout these decades due to the overuse of fuel , the felling of trees by the wood industry and the burning of forests for agriculture and livestock. And the consequences are drastic, for example  air, sea, soil and water they are contaminated, the temperature is  increasing, the poles have less ice,  rivers have more water.

In addition it is warned  that if this goes on, the planet will be flooded, many cities and islands will disappear and living beings will die.

Moreover it is  explained  that this causes deforestation and the habitats of the species are changed.

However we can help to stop  this damage with little actions : turn off  the lights, not wasting water, not throwing rubbish into  rivers, recycling, using public transport , consuming seasonal produce and organic food, and also each person could plant a tree, since it absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide along all its life.

On the other hand the governments should promote the use of renewable energy , for example wind energy, hydropower, solar energy, as well as regulating hunting and fishing better, the construction of reservoirs, and electrifying the transport. In addition, students should learn environmental education.

In my humble opinion, I fervently believe the extinction of  living being  is close if we do not care for our environment.


  1. Thanks for you article Pato!

    Just a couple of observations:

    – Use a comma after an introductory phrase or clause. “According to experts, climate has been changing..”

    – “And the consequences are drastic” would sound better without the “And”. Just “The consequences are…”

    – “air, sea, soil and water (subjects) + they (subject) are contaminated” Watch out, your are duplicating the subject! You should not put “they”. The correct way to say it, it would be “air, sea, soil, and water are contaminated” If you have already mentioned the subject by name, it is wrong to use a pronoun to refer to the same person. “Air (subject) + It (subject) is contaminated”

    – To mention the last consequences I would include an “and” there like in “and the rivers have more water”.

    – (4th paragraph) ” “organic food, and also each” It is correct, but personally I think it would sound much better with a full stop “organic food. Also each…”

    Good article!


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