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What percentage of population has each blood type?

Karl Landsteiner discovered the blood types in the ABO group at the University of Vienna in 1900 and 1901. Initially, his purpose was to learn why blood transfusions sometimes cause death and at other times save a patient.

ABO blood group

There are four principal types of blood: A, B, O and AB. There are two antigens and two antibodies that are mostly responsible for the ABO types. The combination of these four components determines an individual’s type in most cases.

The type 0 blood well-known as the Universal donor do not produce antigens AB so this type of blood is not rejected by others with other types of blood. Opposite to this the AB type of blood produces both antigens AB but does not produce antibodies.  These are known as universal receivers.

ABO blood types are inherited

Ludwick Hirszfeld and Emil von Dungern discovered that ABO blood types are inherited. The result from receiving 1 of 3 alleles from each parent. The possible outcomes are shown below:


Largest blood type in the world

Blood group O is the most common blood group. For instance, almost half of the UK population (48%) has a blood group O. Red blood cells sometimes have another antigen RhD if this is present your blood type is positive, if it is not, it will be negative. This makes the total of the combination of 8 blood types.  A 36% of the UK population is O+. The blood type O- is the one given when the blood type of the recipient is unknown, for instance, in an emergency.



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  1. The diagrams are great and explain didactically the blood groups and which will be the possible blood group of their offspring. I loved this article. I congratulae you.


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