British Culture & Expressions

My take is that…

Meaning someone perspective, opinion, point of view or idea about something. What's your take on this matter? What have you ‘*take in’ or understand from this matter, discussion or presentation?

(Someone’s) take (on something)

My take is that pretty much all the food and beverage products on the market today are *awful,” Jason Cohen tells me, with fierce conviction. “ There are literally no products engineered for me.” Fragment from The Guardian’s article.

“My take is that SA is trapped in a *solipsistic bubble. It’s *pathetic and *pitiful to see what we obsess about (eg Willemse/Mallett). I just spent 3 days on *cutting-edge international developments, e.g green economy and artificial intelligence.” Fragment from Business Today’s article

“My take is that in very many different ways the internet is an amplifier.” Fragment from Adweek’s article.

My take is that many Second Hundred firms are doing as well as firms in the first 100, but not as a group.” Fragment from’s article.


  • Solipsistic > Solipsism: the theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist.
  • Take in > to *grasp or apprehend mentally; understand; comprehend.
  • Grasp > understand; comprehend.
  • Cutting-edge > (noun) the latest or most advanced stage in the development of something. (Adjective) highly advanced; innovative or pioneering.
  • Awful > extremely bad, unpleasant, disgraceful.
  • Pathetic > evoking *pity.
  • Pitiful > *arousing a feeling of pity.
  • Pity > be sorry for.
  • Arousing > stimulate, wake up.

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