Always there is a shortcut, why not for learning English? Start step by step just expanding your list of synonymous for those words that you use more. From there keep on going and ensure that you never repeat a word more than once in the same paragraph.

Definition: Amazing

Before digging into the chosen-word’s synonymous, it is crucial you make sure that you comprehend its meaning and how this word changes depending on its role in the sentence.

  • Verb: Amaze ‘to overwhelm with surprise or sudden wonder; astonish greatly’
  • Noun: Amazement. ‘overwhelming surprise or astonishment’
  • Adjective:  Amazing. ‘causing astonishment, wonder or admiration’
  • Adverb: Amazingly.

Examples: Amazing

Once the research its done, another more practical begins Real examples. I would recommend always to look at a real example of trusted resources such as the news, dictionaries, or grammar blogs.

  • Verb Amaze: He never ceases to amaze me.
  • Noun Amazement: Some of them took to social media to express their amazement.
  • Adjective Amazing: Enjoy this amazing videos.
  • Adverb Amazingly: Amazingly, no serious injuries reported after car crash.

The rule of THREE synonymous is enough.

As a shortcut, we should keep it as much simple as possible. There is no point to know 30 synonymous for just one word. Strategically will make much more sense to limit the number only to 3 synonymous but extend the overall vocabulary list.

1. Incredible

  • Noun Incredibleness: La La Land is breaking records for its utter incredibleness.
  • Adjective Incredible: Tottenham fans incredible reaction to Andre Gomes links.
  • Adverb Incredibly: 10 incredibly easy ways to improve your productivity.

2. Unbelievable

  • Noun Unbelief or Disbelief: Divided Korea one great lesson in danger of unbelief.
  • Adjective Unbelievable: Liverpool have made unbelievable progress.
  • Adverb Unbelievably: Issues like this are almost unbelievably rare.

3. Improbable

  • Noun Improbability: Spartinos is arguing the improbability of all the complainants coming forward if there wasn’t a pattern of behaviour by the 45-year-old doctor.
  • Adjective Improbable: Improbable technology is transforming the gaming industry.
  • Adverb Improbably: Elon Musk wins improbably cheap bid to dig a tunnel through Chicago.


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