Subject to something ?

Over the course of these months one of my main goals it has been to improve my written skills. The sooner, the better. From vocabulary enrichment to grammar acknowledgement to idiom/sentences assimilation. The more advanced you become, the harder to improve; meaning that a more strategic approach will be required if you want to succeed. Become a cherry picker and just get the best of the pot!

“Subject to Something”

First Meaning: Being Dependent or Conditional Upon Something

Conditional? Subject to one or more conditions or requirements being met. Dependent on something else to happen or be true.

Let’s check some examples on the news!

Synonymous: dependent oncontingent on. 


Second Meaning: Being Under Dominion or Authority

In a situation where you have to obey a rule or a law.

Synonymous: controlled by, under the control of, bound by, constrained by.


Third Meaning: Expose To Something Unfortunate or Suffer Something

Likely to experience something or to be affected by something.

Synonymous: liable toopen toexposed tovulnerable to.


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