How to pronounce words ending in -ing?

As a non-native English speaker, I found extremely difficult to pronounce correctly words in gerund -ing or ending just in -ng. Spaniards we tend to cut off the last letter -g making simply an -in sound.

The importance of pronouncing -ing

With an unperceptive -ing sound, unfortunately, words such as “thin” “thing” and ” think” end to be pronounced exactly the same. Luckily, I found a really useful example to understand how to pronounce -ing. The English “-ing” ending should sound like the “in” in the Spanish word “Cinco”, where our throat closes up just before you get to the last syllable -co. The tongue must not touch your teeth or the roof of your mouth when you end the word.

The following video helps to visualise the correct position of the tongue:

Sentences for practising:

  1. Will you sing at the spring fling?
  2. The cat is sitting on a ball of string.
  3. I put a ding in my car.
  4. The king wore a large signet ring on his finger.
  5. Jane had a sling on her arm after she fell.
  6. You are wearing too much bling for the wedding.
  7. Do you like to use the search engine Bing?
  8. The bee will sting you, but not on its wing.
  9. I like to play ping pong.
  10. There is one thing I’d like to know.

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