The 30 most used Interjections in British English.

Are you still using your native language interjections? Maybe is time to learn those English words solely designed to convey emotion. An interjections is one of the eight parts of speech, along with verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions. Although an interjection does not change the meaning of a sentence, it is full of emotion and of importance.

It is common, when learning a new language, to forget about the interjections. It takes long time, for us, non-native English speakers to learn the most common interjections and on the top of that, to use them properly and naturally. Let’s focus on the main ones!

Emotion of Joy / Approval / Surprise / Relief

  1. Hooray!: Use to express joy or approval. Hooray! We won the game!
  2. Yay: Express joy and excitement.  Yay! England is in for the Quarterfinals!
  3. Yippee: Exclamation of celebration. Yippee! We are going for a picnic.
  4. Yahoo!: Emotion of Joy. Yahoo! We go on holidays.
  5. Ahh: Realization or acceptance. Ahh! Now I see what you mean.
  6. Geez: Surprise. Geez! That car is tiny!
  7. Aww: Expressing affection. Something sweet or cute. Aww! Just look at that kitten. 
  8. Whew: Amazement and/or relief. Whew! That was close.
  9. Wow: Expressing amazing. Wow! What a beautiful house!
  10. You bet!: You may be sure; certainly. Could you give me a hand? You bet!

Emotion of Fear / Disliking / Anger / Pain

  1. Aah: Exclamation of fear. Aah! It is biting my leg!
  2. Argh: To express anger. Argh! I failed again.
  3. Eek: Fear/ Surprise. Eek, a mouse!
  4. Yikes: For fear or concern. Yikes! They stole my credit card!
  5. Eww: Expressing disgust. Eww! It tastes so bad!
  6. Hmph: Apathy or disagreement. “Don’t blame me. It is your fault.””Hmph”
  7. Ugh: Express disgust or horror. I dropped my phone again, ugh.
  8. Yuck: Strong distaste or disgust. I tried the cake and yuck, it wasn’t any good.
  9. Phew: Strong reaction of relief. Phew! I am not trying that again.
  10. Ouch: Express hurts. Ouch! That shot really hurt!

Expressing Doubt or Hesitation/ Sorrow / Scorn / Mistake

  1. Eh: Question something.  Eh, what did you say? Eh! Really?
  2. Er: Not knowing what to say. Er, that is just aggravating.
  3. Duh: Something that is obvious. Duh! You didn’t plug it in.
  4. Hmm: Hesitating about something. Hmm, I am not really sure what happened. 
  5. Oh: I see / I think. Oh! I forgot to bring my purse!
  6. Oops/Whoops-a-daisy: Acknowledgement of mistake. Oops! I left the milk out. 
  7. No chance!: Absolutely not; under no circumstances. No chance! Your are going out.
  8. Uh Oh: Showing dismay.  Uh-oh! Dude, you are in major trouble now.
  9. Uh: Indicate pause. Do you remember, uh, how used to play this game.
  10. Um: Pausing or being skeptical.  Do you know, um, which way to follow?

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