CMO English for Self-learners is structured in two wide categories so readers easily find the content they are looking for. CMO has a unique goal “We aim to learn, inform, and inspire. But mostly inspire.”


Your grammar is a reflection of your image. Good or bad, you make an impression sooner than you think. Luckily, like all impressions, you are in total control. A philosopher once said, ‘Half of the good philosophy is good grammar’. The Grammar Category reviews the most important or useful rules for the day to day life and also, for working purposes.


Writing in a second language is further complicated by issues of proficiency in the language, first language literacy, and differences in culture and rhetorical approach to the text. Throw the fears, it is possible! The best method to improve your writing skills is by practising, and here at CMO we offer you all the tools you need. So if you are an English self-learner feel free to join the community and start publishing.  What are you going to write about? That is up to you, send over your proposal if the topic is not included in the below subcategories:

  • British Culture & Expressions: This section covers idioms and cultural fact that will help English learners to gain a deeper immersion in the British culture.
  • General Knowledge & Curiosities: As a second language speaker you can find some difficulties to express your point of view, debate and/or just get your message across. If this is something familiar to you, CMO will help you to increase your vocabulary by reviewing key general knowledge topics so you do not feel behind in any conversation.


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