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Welcome to Correct Me Online (CMO) English for/by Self-Learners. A blog created for/by those English learners that are struggling to improve their English to the next level. At CMO you will be able to access to content written by other learners and occasionally by English teachers. All the support you need to keep you going and fully motivated on this journey.

“We aim to learn, inform, and inspire. But mostly inspire.”

CMO is based on one UNIQUE philosophy: You can make mistakes and you can correct others too. Because we are all learners and writers trying to improve.

Can I write on CMO?

CMO does publish pieces from outside contributors. Here is our FAQ, to explain our process and help you work out if your pitch is right for us.

What should I send?

Contact us and let us know a bit about you. Are you an English learner or maybe a teacher? How do you think you can contribute? Send a short paragraph outlining what would you like to write about. Just that! Then, you will receive login details as a contributor and you can start writing your first post. All post will go through an approval process.

What topics do you publish?

Contributions that bring a new angle to topics within the CMO. This blog is for those learning English so pieces will not be corrected but it needs to be intelligible. It is up to the blog readers to comment and point out any grammar mistake. This way readers and authors will learn by practising in real situations.

Find here more information about CMO Categories!

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  1. For example, “with the aim of + ing” rather than “with the scope to”; “in the long term” rather than “in the long-term” (although you would hyphenate “long-term goal”, “long-term plan” etc.)

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  2. Hi.
    I would like to ask you this question: is it forbidden to mixt English Britain and English American is a letter? The famous language Malagasy people learn here is English American?
    Please answer me.

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    1. Hi Louis, my take is that languages are constantly evolving so nothing is forbidden.This is a matter of consistency along the text more than anything else. Bear in mind, that when writing a formal letter you should always have in mind the audience you are talking to. This way you will adapt the tone and the style of the communication to your reader. For instance, It would be more appropiate to write in American English if the majority of your readers are American.


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