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  1. For example, “with the aim of + ing” rather than “with the scope to”; “in the long term” rather than “in the long-term” (although you would hyphenate “long-term goal”, “long-term plan” etc.)

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  2. Hi.
    I would like to ask you this question: is it forbidden to mixt English Britain and English American is a letter? The famous language Malagasy people learn here is English American?
    Please answer me.

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    1. Hi Louis, my take is that languages are constantly evolving so nothing is forbidden.This is a matter of consistency along the text more than anything else. Bear in mind, that when writing a formal letter you should always have in mind the audience you are talking to. This way you will adapt the tone and the style of the communication to your reader. For instance, It would be more appropiate to write in American English if the majority of your readers are American.


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